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Kratom has been gaining traction as an alternative medicine in recent years and as a result there has been an explosion in the number of online kratom vendors (source). However, an increased amount of supply does not guarantee quality or safety. Consumers might be buying products from unverified sources that don’t focus on customer satisfaction; they might be dumping their money in the wrong cart. Besides, there are several factors that need to be considered before making any purchase- especially in the case of supplements like kratom. Two major factors are:

  • Legal status- Kratom is an alternative health supplement and as such is not regulated by the FDA. It has also been classified as a controlled substance in several states in the US, and kratom sale is forbidden under Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA guidelines), making it very easy for local vendors to sell fake versions of the product. Accredited and certified online kratom vendors, therefore, become one of the few sources of legitimate kratom supply.
  • Reviews and authenticity- word-of-mouth promotion for any product is dubious at best and when it comes to products like kratom, there is a large margin for deception and misinformation. Customers should always purchase products from a reliable vendor that has provided quality services to several customers. It is also important to focus on the authenticity of both the product as well as the vendor. Always keep in mind that the uninformed are the ones that end up becoming easy prey.

No one should have to pay for an inferior product, but we do understand that conducting extensive market research might be a luxury most consumers can’t afford. For that reason, we have compiled a list of kratom vendors that will not disappoint you, the consumer.

BKN Kratom

BKN is one of the most innovative Kratom suppliers in the market currently. They exclusively deal in bulk orders, as their name implies. However, that doesn’t compromise the quality of their product. Their motto is to provide a consumer experience that is exceptional, and to that effect, they have carefully crafted their products.

BKN provides roughly 30 varieties of kratom, which gives the consumer a wide range to choose from; a product range that is rare to find on a kratom website. While the bulk-order system might throw off consumers when they initially encounter BKN, reviews and buyer feedback towards this newcomer have been positive.

The founders of BKN have 6 years of experience in the kratom market and are dedicated to giving their customers the best consumer experience they can have with a kratom vendor. The high-quality product coupled with affordable, almost cheap pricing makes BKN a priority on our list of online kratom vendors.

TGM Kratom

The Golden Monk is the most consistent online kratom vendor. Founded in 2016, this kratom website is a burgeoning juggernaut in the kratom business. They provide a wide variety of kratom products and are one of the few online kratom vendors who practice consumer transparency- they consistently subject their products to lab testing and release the results on their website.

Consistency, in fact, is their service mantra. TGM customers report being consistently satisfied with their high-quality and affordable products. They’ve recently acquired their Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification and have been endorsed by the American Kratom Association as a trustworthy source of kratom products. Their dedication to maintaining quality standards while providing affordable products is what makes them one of the top online kratom vendors.

Happy Hippo Herbals

What started as a close-knit selling operation has now become a key player in the online kratom market. Happy Hippo Herbals sell different kinds of herbal alternatives as well, such as CBD oil, but their curated kratom product list is one of the more unique models of kratom marketing we’ve seen.

HHH customizes its products to provide experiences based on the kind of stimulation the consumer requires and uses high-quality resources to make their kratom. HHH’s pricing is slightly higher when compared to other online vendors but they contend that their product speaks for its price and online reviewers on websites like Reddit seem to endorse this statement; they have exceptional reviews.

They are also GMP-compliant and accredited by the AKA, which contributes significantly towards their credibility as top-notch providers of kratom.

Kratom Crazy

Few online kratom vendors can maintain the level of relevancy that Kratom Crazy has. The online kratom selling site has been around since 2015, providing quality services to its large consumer base.

Kratom Crazy provides bulk options for a comfortable price, providing its consumers with the option to purchase small amounts (100gs) or wholesale-grade amounts (up to 5kgs) of kratom. Their products also come with the guarantee of having 1.4% Mitragynine, the minimal baseline required for the compound to take effect.

This ensures a satisfactory consumer experience, which is corroborated in their feedback. Kratom Crazy also releases information related to the processing of their products online to educate their consumers and has a 30-day money back guarantee in case of product dissatisfaction, which only serves to show the confidence they have in their product.

Coastline Kratom

Before BKN and TGM came into the kratom market, Coastline was the go-to for kratom consumers. Founded in 2015, it is one of the oldest online kratom suppliers and is an industry mainstay owing to the exceptional quality of their products and customer services.

Coastline does not deal in bulk- it provides comparatively smaller amounts of kratom. However, what they lack in quantity, they compensate with quality. Coastline works with veteran farmers based out of Indonesia and Malaysia, which ensures that they receive the cream of the crop- in this case, literally. They process these crops into high-end kratom products with a money-back guarantee in case they disappoint. They provide a decent range of strains and what makes them unique is the fact that they even sell live plants, for budding greenhouse enthusiasts.

Coastline is a family business and as such, they focus on community engagement and growth. They maintain a blog on kratom to that effect. The only downside that Coastline has is their pricing; their product prices are steep, considering the quantity they sell. Thus, while Coastline can be a tad pricey for the average kratom consumer, it is one of the few online kratom vendors who can back up their credibility with results.