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Let’s be honest: due to a global pandemic, people had to stay locked up in their homes, reducing social life. The loneliness of isolation is what made the sales of sex toys go through the roof, and with that, rose the demand for more innovative sex toys.

You will find that many people have taken sexual pleasure-literally-in their “own hands.” Therefore, we raised the standard of sex toys.


Due to this sudden demand, countless new products appeared on the market, But only one product stood out and became a massive hit on social media. The protagonist we’re talking about today is the Inya Rose Vibrator. If you’ve never seen one before, you can find the Rose Vib at Twice Tonight. If you are a beginner, you must consider how to use it. There is no “correct” way to use a vibrator. This is one of the items you can pick up at any time and personalize to your liking. But this does not mean that there are no tips and tricks you might want to know to make your experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.


Here’s everything you need to know about the rose sex toy and how to use it.


Meet the famous Inya Rose Vibrator


The flower-shaped cute floral appearance makes the rose toy more beautiful and elegant than other sex toys. However, you must know where it is targeted explicitly before using it.

It is specially designed to suck the breasts, ears, clitoris, anus, or other sensitive areas. It is not only convenient to carry, being only the size of a palm, but also has seven excellent levels that can adjust the rotating airflow and vibrating arteries, allowing you to experience the ultimate pleasure of oral sex at any time.


Finding your “special spot.”


Because each product is targeted at different areas, look at the product description of the rose sex toy before buying. Since most people need to stimulate the clitoris directly to achieve orgasm, you may want to focus most of your attention on using the vibrator externally. Still, you can also try using it internally (if your vibrator can do that). Some people like the penetrating in and out movement. If your toy is specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot, you can try rubbing the vaginal wall with the head of the rose sex toy. Your G-spot is on the side of the vagina under your abdomen. It feels earth-shattering to put pressure there because you are indirectly stimulating the inner fibers of the clitoris.


Play with different modes and see if you have a favorite.

Everyone’s body is different; using a multi-functional product allows you to explore as many different areas of the body as possible to understand your body better. The five suction modes and ten vibration modes of the rose vibrator can be adjusted at will. So keep having fun, and you will soon become an expert at it.


Spice up your game by using it with your partner


Using sex toys during foreplay or intercourse not only acts as a great stimulant but also helps nurture the bond between partners. This vibrator is excellent for your foreplay sessions as well. Even though it is the same vibrator, when your partner uses it on you, it feels different from when you use it yourself. If you have never tried it before, you may feel nervous about recommending it to your partner, but there is nothing wrong with incorporating new things. Let your partner know you are interested in trying something new, and it will also allow you to understand each other better.


Some extra tips for beginners

As long as you use and store the vibrator carefully, it is entirely safe to use the vibrator. Follow these tips to extend the life of your vibrator.


  1. Use enough lubricant to have a pleasing experience. The toy sometimes tends to be rough, especially on dry skin, so lubing it up helps a lot.
  2. Clean it thoroughly with water before and after use. Don’t forget to dry it with a clean, dry towel and keep it in a moisture-free environment to prevent fungal growth.
  3. If you share a vibrator with your partner, please wear a new condom every time you share a vibrator to help prevent infection.
  4. Check your vibrator before each use to ensure no cracks or damages.


Vibrators are the first step in learning the pleasure of masturbating. It is not just a simple physical pleasure but also wants you to recognize the beauty of sex.

For us, sex toys do not stop with just blatant pounding with a dildo. It’s much more than that. It’s the manifestation of the electrifying urge to satisfy your innermost desires, and the rose sex toy helps you in just that. It flowers the natural, warm desire for naughty sweetness in the adult world. I hope that whenever you pick up the rose vibrator, you can ride the wind and waves and actively explore the unknown new world without hesitation.