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Find out more about the programme.

What countries are involved in the programme?

The programme involves countries surrounding the North Sea – the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

What is the primary role?

The primary role of this programme is to boost the collaboration between the countries by the North Sea and help with its assessment.

Is the European Commission part of it?

The European Commission has decided to help this initiative and has supported it with more than EUR 250 million.

Is the program still active?

The program was active between 2000 and 2006. The collaboration has continued after the programme ended though.

What does water management mean?

All countries in the programme has come together to ensure a solid water management plan based on the North Sea resources.

Does the programme affect the transport as well?

Transportation was one of the primary missions of this programme. Apart from transportation, communications and access to INFOSO have also been boosted.

What are Shared Hosting Benefits?

The countries involved in this programme have decided to cooperate long before the collaboration started and they are still working together today.

Who benefits most from this programme?

Each country has its own role in the programme and each of them contributes in the exact same manner to the final result.